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Let's Get a Little Personal


I have a story. We all do! Each with its own unique peaks and valleys, each with moments that have taken our breath away, each with accomplishments beyond words, that build our identity.

Nature, faces, places, dreams – certain ones connect with our soul. Yet in this fast-paced world our story gets blurred and we forget to cherish those moments, the feelings these stories wash over our bodies. We forget to spend time with our inner truths and selves. My dream is to create your story into artwork – our inner milestones, truths, happiness, visions, as a reminder of why you are who you are today.

I have been drawing since a young girl - it was my form of expression where I could be in my own space, my own time, with my pencil and paper and cd player cranked up to max. Oddly enough (or maybe not oddly, but rather fitting), I am now a working mom that finds evening solace with a woodburner and a music playlist turned up high (even if its in earbuds). 

My style has evolved through high contrast realism and working with graphite on paper to include natural eclectic design and pyrography on wood. I love to design my own twist into home decor, but working with customers to create a piece with their personal story or passion is one of my most enjoyed experiences.

I hope you enjoy my art, take some time to embrace the beauty of what I see, find something that connects to your story, or reach out to create something uniquely your own.  It's all beautiful, mystifying, and frankly...perfectly imperfect.

About Me: Bio
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